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WildTale Online MMO RPG
Propiétaire WildTaleOnline
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Pays United States
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About us
WildTale Online is an MMO RPG server being developed for the upcoming game Hytale by a team of 4 developers at the moment. We are taking inspiration from many games (wow classic, final fantasy, etc.) and anime (log horizon, sao, .hack, etc.)from all over the mmo rpg genre to create an amazing experience constantly evolving and making sure player can play hundreds of hours into our server. We want the player to feel immersed in the world of WildTale. We aim to make the PvE and the PvP has good has World of Warcraft classic.
What is WildTale Online?
PvE in WildTale Online isn’t just to past the time. The creatures and monsters you fight will provide you with the resources and equipment you’ll need to survive and create items. Find teammate and defeat all enemies that cross your path. Compete against the most difficult boss and guilds for a legendary chest to get remarkable items. Only true heroes can survive in the world of WildTale Online.
You can also challenge yourself with intense PvP fighting with players in the open world of WildTale Online. Put on your best items and protect your honor by defeating every player in your path. Only the most skilful fighters will leave victorious!